Friday, 23 June 2017

Festival Earrings | DIY

Today's post is slightly different to usual I actually planned on doing a DIY on my blog but I haven't done one on YouTube ever - except many attempts to. 
I am slowly but surely trying to improve my YouTube game. So this post instead of being more of an actual post I just wanted to show you some photos of some earrings I have filmed a video for on how to make them. 
I'm a student as you know, so if it means I can make something for free or cheaper I will do. (I know that sounds awful but hey!)

 I won't go into huge detail here as I've explained it on the video but man do I love Earrings. I've said a few times in various places Earrings are my favourite piece of jewellery they add so much to an outfit without even trying and man do I love tassel ones. 
They are a huge trend this season. I have seen them about so much but being quite strapped for cash currently and feeling creative I wanted to see if I could make them myself. Without buying materials, I simply used what I already had to make these. 
In some cases you might have to buy pieces but if you did it would cost you next to nothing! (Around £3-5)
They work perfectly for festivals or for a night out!  

I had so much fun making these and I hope some of you try them out too! 

Until next time babes! 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Let's go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah | 7 things I'm unapologetically bad at

This post was a little impromptu, I intended it to be more an outfit post than anything else, but I felt like writing so well here it is.
The start of this week has been bad. Not awful but not ideal either. I was greeted with a 'sorry we will not be offering you a job' to end my Monday. Granted this was just a part time job for the summer but regardless the last thing you really want to hear is your not wanted for a job that could have been pretty good fun.
As soon as the interview was over I knew I hadn't got it I didn't need a confirmation to tell me I hadn't I knew there and then just by being my annoyingly-under-pressure-shy-self I'd messed things up for myself.
It hit hard I'll admit the weekend I spent remembering all the stupid things I said during my interview then after the official 'you haven't got it' I cried in my room, got it all out and sucked it up. That probably sounds a tad dramatic, look sometimes we just need a good cry and sometimes something comes along that prompts that.

Hell I'm over it now.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hotter Than Hell | Outfit Post

I used to avoid double denim like the plague I don't know why. It wasn't that I didn't like the trend. Okay I did for a while but that was when baggy flared jeans with baggy denim jackets just didn't work- for me at least.
But I think I always had this I wasn't cool enough or fashionable enough to pull off.
 I remember the first day I met Jay he was wearing double denim and I was just like damnnn son. Never could I pull anything like that off, for a start I didn't have the confidence.
 Maybe at times I think I still lack in that confidence. I asked my friend Tomas (photographer for these photos) a million times before taking these "does the double denim work??" To which he couldn't understand why I have such a elephant in the room feeling about it.
Jay always wears his double denim two different shades, which works every time. I think matching too looks great, but I guess it depends on the individual.
 Walking to the bus stop after taking these I seen 4 people- I kid you not. Wearing double denim; straight up and down matchy matchy same colour double denim. I thought oh hey perhaps double denim is on trend (is it?) I don't actually know why I am asking that I am a fashion student after all.

 Something that I know is on trend however is flames hell yes give me alllll the flames.
 I've had this strange urge since the trend began to just paint/ patch flames on everything and I can't really think of anything else I could do instead. Water? Earth? Somehow it just doesn't look as cool?

 When I thought flame print just couldn't get any better, then you add glitter. I am obsessed with this Syd and Mallory top when I took these photos it was really warm and I kinda half expected to just die from heat but actually the top felt really cool much like the ascetic I was trying to keep throughout these photos...
 The tee is an Amazons one (a band in case ya didn't know) which coincidentally I was listening to whilst writing this post. I'd already decided that before I went to the gig I'd leave with this T-shirt and Jay told me not to get my hopes up that it would be there. But it was, so there I grabbed it.
 Honestly I don't think its often that bands actually have good merch and I seriously think that needs to change. At the current state Justin Bieber has better merch than all of the bands I listen to put together so sort it out ladsss. (Foals I'm looking at you)

Seriously though how warm has it got? I actually took some photos since these without tights- honestly my favourite time of year. So apologises if these are a bit too warm too look at, still though theres flames all over them after all, so you can't ignore the heat. 

Boots: Primark, T-shirt: The Amazons Merch, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Top: Syd and Mallory 


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Top 8 Current Faves | Song Picks | Music

I've been meaning to do this post for ages, SO many new bands have brought out new stuff. New bands, and most of my favourites are making returns giving promises of new albums and dropping unexpected songs. I honestly can say I'm not complaining at all. 
Theres quite a few songs I could have chose so I've just (for now) narrowed it down to 8. 

T H E A M A Z O N S -  J U N K  F O O D  F O R E V E R 

Black Magic was the first song I heard from The Amazons, ulitmatly I fell in love. 
I hadn't heard of them much before Jay told me to listen after he said he'd already booked tickets to see them. After listening I told Jay, I'd still see them if black magic was the only song I knew, its that good!
 Junk food is there newly released single though so I've chose that as one of my current favourite tracks. I feel like its going to be one of those summer festival, crowd pleasers. One that can be sang loud, pint in hand. Now just pass me a burger.

W A L L O W S - P L E A S E R 

 So we've all watched 13 reasons why by now. If not why not?? The main guy (Dylan Minnette) is the lead singer for Wallows. I listened out of interest really, just to see what they sounded like but I fell in love straight away.
I think if you've watched the show you can instantly picture him singing this. 
It's kinda trashy, indie, American cool kids kind of music. Very reminiscent of The Strokes especially in the second chorus. So if you're into those you'll really dig this track. 
Surprisingly and *unpopular opinion alert* i don't particularly care for The Strokes so I think I even surprised myself I liked this.
 It's catchy too; really catchy. The kind that gets in your head, but not in an annoying way. I think its just grew on me the more and more i've listened. 
I can't wait to hear more music from these. I think they'll only get bigger with the rise of his fame especially. Though I hope they'll do well either way. 
P.s they've just brought out a new song called 'Sun Tan'

S U N D A R A  K A R M A - E X P L O R E

 This track I feel kind of came from nowhere if you are a Sundara fan you may have almost missed this (like me and jay both almost did)
Jay was convinced it was a track from the album and so I on the whim decided to have a listen and though woah hang on wait new music sundara?? 
 It's not that we haven't listened to their album a thousand times it's just not always that you can put a title to a song.
 Anyway to begin its typical sundara, beautiful lyrics gorgeous vocals and then it kicks in.
It's funky, it's groovy it's all the words you shouldn't say at the age of 21. Most of all it makes you dance which is for sure a real selling point for me; the more upbeat the better.
It sounds really 70's/80's, part of the song sounds like a bit from the A-team which you'll totally understand if you listen, oh and that too is a selling point, obvs.

F O S T E R  T H E  P E O P L E - S H C 

 I still feel like Foster the people are a bit under the radar. They released some music totally out of the blue. (Funnily enough I was listening to their album a day before they released this) it was almost like I just had a feeling. They've released 3 songs, I think in total. I feel like they haven't really been hyped that much (not that I have noticed anyway)
SHC is my favourite I chose to talk about at the moment. It's so typical FTP; it's sun drenched, nostalgic and uplifting all the kind of vibes you want from this time of year.
 And those oh so stunning and iconic vocals, I'm so glad to have them back! God i've missed them, and hopefully they'll release some tour dates so I can FINALLY go and see them.
Also if you liked this track definitely check out the other two, I feel like they definitely have some hip-hop vibe to them. 

P O S T  A N I M A L - W H E N  I  G E T  H O M E 

If you love tame impala you will ADORE these. I know it's probably bad to say but they are almost like an extension of them. Almost like an unreleased album. Which let me say isn't a bad thing at all. I'm sure they must get Impala comparisons all the time but they are a band in their own right.
This music is this sun washed, trippy and nostalgic.
 The kind of music that just takes you to another planet. (Which isn't such a bad thing at all)
 And then also if that isn't enough convincing Joe Keery (Steve Harrington from stranger things) is in the band which is admittedly how I found them. The whole vibe of the band just oozes cool.
Definitely worth a listen for days in the sunshine, or just kicking back and relaxing.

K A S A B I A N - C O M E  B A C K  K I D 

 I .CAN. NOT tell you how happy I am that kasabian are back. And back with the well known bangers they're famous for. 
I listened to their newest album (for crying out loud) I listened again then pretty much had it on repeat the rest of the week. 
Whenever I listen they just make me feel good, pumped and full of energy. 
It's the kinda thing you want to hear on a Friday afternoon to make you excited for the weekend and the first thing you want to hear on a Monday to get you going. 
I chose Comeback Kid as one of my favourite current tracks because it feels exactly that it's a real come back song something that says I'm here, I've arrived. 
I love the break down after the chorus too, the playful lyrics and the way the track picks up with the arena fuelled vocals.
Kasabian know what they're good at and they do it insanely well. 

H A I M - R I G H T  N O W 

 The first time I heard this song, honestly I got goosebumps. The second time I heard it, the same. thing. happened.
 I've missed these girls so much, everything about their voices and their girl power just feel like a fist bump in the air, complete feel good vibes.
 This track though is a more chilled take on that.
The echoing of Alana singing 'right now, right now' is haunting you almost feel like you're in the room with them whilst they are recording it. 
It's beautiful, you feel a real sense of attachment and nostalgia whilst listening to it. 
I chose this one over the first one released from their new material because this one really just struck a chord with me even more surprisingly its slow and I'm not usually one for that, but I just think stripped back their voices work great together and tied with the lyrics, theres nothing more to say then I just really love it. It's definitely set me up for the rest of the album to come. 

A L T  J - I N  C O L D  B L O O D 

 This is Alt-J through and through. Again another band that just kind of released music without much hype and it is a bloody good one.
Listening to the first 2 lines it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (If you love alt j that isn't so bad if not then well..)
The song feels very dramatic and full of power in the build up to the chorus. Its very much a grower, I kind of dismissed it the first few times hearing it but it has become on that I'm really enjoying. Much like the other I'm really looking forward to whats to come from them.

Hope you enjoyed reading and until next time, take care!
(p.s thank you for all the a-mazinggg feedback on my last post) 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

IN COLOUR | My year out working at Bottle Blonde

I wasn't sure when to do this post. Friday I had my hand in for my placement year; we had to keep a blog -something I know how to do quite well... 
My intention was to keep you guys all updated on what I'm doing on my year out on here but it all moved so fast and in the end my uni blog was kept as more of a diary/document of what I got up to, solely just for my university hand in. So I have to apologise if you would of liked to of heard frequently about that on here. Again I honestly don't know where this year has gone! 
So like I mentioned my final date to hand in was on Friday but I am still currently working at Bottle Blonde (that is my placement for those of you who don't know) so I wasn't sure whether to wait until I was finally finished all together or just post this now. After taking the photos to go with this post, the deal was pretty much sealed. I mean just look at THAT JACKET.  I couldn't wait to share the photos with you all! 
If you don't know Bottle Blonde (why not?!) no really WHY NOT? No I'm joking. The 'Monster Jacket' was pretty much the birth of this brand; its hugely iconic for the brand. The amount that it been made over my time there is crazy, different variations and colours. 

For my university blog I did a round up of everything I got up to on my year out, all my experiences, memories and rememberable things I wanted to share. 
So this is ultimately that, grab a cuppa and have a read. 

Working at bottle blonde WOW- W-O-W. 
What a whirlwind of a year it's been, I can't quite believe how fast it's gone in all honesty. 
I remember sitting down on the first day talking about all the exciting things planned for the business and how I would be helping with those. Now it's crazy to think back to all the things I've done.
My oh my has it been a busy year, but oh so fun and at times quite unexpected. 
Some days I'd be sat in the office. It would start off as what seems to be a relaxing day, then burst into chaos. Orders/requests would be placed at last minute from stylists needing pieces 2 days prior to a shoot, or on other occasions wanting pieces to style for a celebrity in a music video. 
Pieces would get made in a day. Much more recently I was sitting at my desk and asked if I were free Monday. Fast forward the weekend and there I am in a totally surreal hotel room disco ball, Jacuzzi, Champagne, the kind of room you would only dream of staying the night in- a photo shoot taking place with various bottle blondes pieces amongst other designers and collections. 
I got to film which is what after this year out I have fully decided I want to do, but more on that later.

 At Bottle Blonde I was the Web/Social Media intern. So I took care of the website, the Instagram/story, Twitter, Facebook page, Pinterest, I made promotional videos for the brand, photographed product shots, lookbook shots, filmed behind the scenes, helped style the shoots, I've made jewellery for the styling, god I even forgot I customised 6 pairs of shoes for a fashion show back in October. I got breathless just writing that list.
I am so thankful and grateful to have been given the opportunity to do all of that.
 At the beginning of this year out I had my heart set on London much as everyone around me knew. I wrote a post back here taking about all the reasons why I chose not to go so I won't go back into all of that. 
However I still very much have my heart set on London after university, perhaps to live there or commute is what I am aiming for.
 I got a lot of time this year to go down to London; at least 6 times I did and I still feel like I learnt so much and got to know the way of London life a bit more from those times. 

 Not getting to go to live for the year, at the time felt like a massive hit in the stomach but I knew in myself that it was the right thing.
Doing it the way I have has worked out perfectly because in all honesty I highly doubt I would have got the opportunity to do all of this at a bigger brand. I doubt they would of even let me on their website let alone, manage the whole website, run free reign over the layout, upload my own photos and videos.

To begin with it took a few weeks to settle into the office and the whole way of working. But to be honest from day one I felt like an actual grown up having a job doing something I love on a daily basis.
The year out at an internship really gives that feeling of life after university, you have to firstly find a internship alone, much like you would you were looking for a job and then you live a daily life working and living as though you really had a full time job.
 The year out we were told gives you independence, you grow up, learn new skills, become a professional and gain confidence and man have I gained confidence. 

I mean you don't spend every working day surrounded by tinsel jackets and not be affected by that. Joking aside my friends and my family have noticed a difference in me I would say that even you guys reading would agree. From the confidence in my writing to the stance in the which I have my photos taken now. My confidence and just believing in myself really shows through- well I hope. 

I'm sure reading this you all want to hear about the things that I've been up to over this year besides the basic duties of my internship. The whole experience and things I've done. 

 Like mentioned at the beginning a few weeks were spent settling in but even then I began in mid festival/summer season. So things were mega busy. 
I helped here and there with whatever I could just to keep orders flowing in and out. I had my second photo shoot with Bottle Blonde, the first I filmed during the summer.
 So for the second one I knew the drill and this time I got to work doing the videography (Behind The Scenes)
 One of my favourite things about doing a photoshoot is seeing the pieces come to life after just seeing them being made and on a hanger, on a person they take on a whole new lease of life. 

The beginning of October our first event came in the form of a fashion show. 7 outfits were made entirely by scratch with most of the accessories made or customised by me with the help of other interns. 
The whole thing was crazy and so fast paced- it came around so quickly! Blood, sweat and tears were shed- not just as a saying I must add. But it placed Bottle Blonde 2nd place runner up in the midlands fashion awards. I think at the moment we all felt a sigh of relief and we all shed a little tear. 

 Clothes Show came next and that too was hard work in the lead up to it I helped make packaging, printed tshirts, made thousands of chokers and worked on the stand on the day. 

 During November we shot new pieces for the new collection this time instead I got a huge amount of responsibility getting to make and set up the whole backdrop and theme of the shoot to then photographing the full collection. 
Straight after Clothes Show came Christmas orders and exciting new sequined pieces. 
I had to take the opportunity to make a NYE lookbook which you can find here. 

 Right before the year come to a close we had a really fun photoshoot in a Bowling Alley- again I worked on the videography and produced a video I'm really proud of you can find it here.

 The beginning of 2017 was slow but that then gave me a lot of free time I attended London quite a bit in that time. February I attended London Fashion Week Festival and then some blogging events one being a really good chance to network and to pick up a lot of tips to take back to my own blog.

As my time draws to a close at Bottle Blonde, over the past month or two i've been on more location shoots one we shot with an amazing model all around London, from this I put together what I think is probably the best video I've put together yet (I'd show you where you could see it but we are still waiting on the photos so unfortunately I can't share)
 The whole day was absolutely crazy and so bizarre- a few times that day I had to shake my head just to make sure it was actually happening.
 I never thought I'd be filming a model have a photo shoot on a busy tube line in London. I have worked with some incredible creatives and been able to learn too from the work they do too. 
 On the most recent shoot I did (which I mentioned at the beginning) That was too another opportunity I got to film another video. 
Looking back on my year out, I feel I have been incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to do what I have been doing. Very lucky in being able to be a part of a wonderful business that is Bottle Blonde create memories and make friends. I've laughed so much, and cried at times. At the business we'd all admit the last year has been a huge roller coaster, even more so for the actual Girl Boss of BB. 
I've had some incredible experiences ones I never expected to have. Its been busy and incredibly tiring, but I feel ready and confident to go into 3rd year with my head held high ready to take on whatever the year has to throw at me and final year I know that is going to be a lot.
Now thats a scary thought, but not quiet as scary as it would have been if I hadn't of done this year out.. but still VERY scary. 
Still I have to tell myself if I could do all of that, I can do so much more.

Until next time, take care beauts! 

T-shirt: New Look, Jacket: Bottle Blonde, Shoes: Primark
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