Thursday, 21 September 2017

Things you begin to realise once you stop striving for perfection and setting your standards so high

Over the past couple of months I've come to realise, I am a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life. 
Especially when it comes down to the final result. It can be as silly as making a cake (I'm quite partial to making my own birthday cake every year.. yes really) because I have an image in my head so closely Pinterest worthy I can get it. And if that cake doesn't look the way I'm picturing in my head I am not happy. 
That's an example but now I now really want a cake.

I've found that with my blog its editing the pictures to as perfect I can get them (I'm talking lighting, adjustments not face tuning fyi) styling my shoots to as close as the style I had in mind, the poses, the location, then the layout of the post all are really thought through. Honestly I mess about with a post right up until the point of publish- most of the time I do sometimes (through some sort of miracle) manage to schedule -like today hooray. Honestly though I'll never be an organised blogger.

And in my everyday life setting my standards high is also one of my flaws.
I'm not talking relationships or any of that, I mean planning things, creating scenes in my head or scenarios of how I expect something to go then find myself disappointed when met with something so far from my mind.
A lot like the 500 days of summer expectation vs reality scene.
Or the feeling of ordering something online you were really rooting for only for it to turn up and be NOTHING like you were expecting. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I'm a rebel just for kicks | Finding confidence with your own style and owning it | Shein Outfit Post

Let me kick this off firstly by saying: a) finding your own style is a longgg journey and b) I am in no means an expert in doing so. I have said many times on my blog I still haven't completely conquered it. Which is rightly so. I'm 22, I'm still young. I'm still yet to discover new styles and experiment; as much as I'd love to deny it I still have many fashion disasters to make. I'm still trying to find exactly what my style is. 


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ring ring Red bells are ringing | Why you should consider to shop independent | My Style

I'd had this post in mind to write for a few months now. I ended up holding it off for a while for many different reasons: one being the shots I had taken to go with this post at the time were in height of the summer. I thought that maybe I had been a bit premature with wearing the jacket and black trousers (god was I sweating that day??) second of all it just seemed more fitting to put it nearer to the time of going back to university because in some ways this post is reflective and puts a lot into perspective about what I learnt over my year out. But timing worked out perfect because it ties in well with something that happened over the weekend that just makes this post even more important.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Reading Festival 2017 Photo Diary | + My Highlights

This week me and Jay arrived back from Reading Festival for a second year running. I have to admit this year I 'umm'ed and 'ah'ed a lot about going. Was the line up good enough? Did I have the money? Could I actually camp again? (I get awful backache at Festivals and treasure my sleep time you see)  However after much persuasion and puppy dog eyes a plenty from Jay. My arm was firmly twisted into going- though lets be honest it didn't really need that much twisting in the first place anyway. 
We drew up a list of the bands from the Line Up we really wanted to see (we take this stuff seriously you know) and the list was surprisingly longer than last year Jay took one look at me and well the rest is history, tickets were booked and off to Reading we went.
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