Thursday, 26 October 2017

House of Holland x Cadbury | Having fun with Fashion but staying in your comfort zone

*This post is in collaboration with House of Holland x Cadbury but all views and opinions are my own*

I'm a huge lover of chocolate, especially this time of year anyway. Is it me or do you just crave chocolate during the colder months, any reason deadlines, stress, long day, dark nights you just feel you deserve a piece of chocolate.. just me? Anyway I'm an even bigger fan of House of Holland and that's saying a lot! So when the collab between HOH x Cadbury came about and they got in touch with me asking if I'd like to work with them on this collab. It was a done deal. 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Girl you think you got it bad | Getting brave and doing things before the moment passes

I went blonde! 

And though you probably knew that already this post is not a big reveal or anything, I just wanted to address this properly. 
 Since I got it done I had one day before returning back to university, one day spent getting used to it. Weird to say the least. Then the following day I was back at university to embark on my 3rd year and well you know if you've ever been a student the rest is history. Have I had a minute to myself? Of course I haven't. 
 I could have let this slip under the radar and not said much on the situation but I wanted to. Because for those who have followed me for a long while or maybe only recently, I've been a redhead my whole life. I've always been a proud redhead, I was never really bullied or picked on for my hair. 
If anyone had anything to pick at it was usually, instead how quiet I was or from time to time people stating 'you're ginger' which is funny because people don't go around shouting 'you're blonde' like yeah thanks for the reminder. 
 I had a brief phase during secondary school where I thought will boys like me if I dye hair (other than that period I never really doubted my hair colour.) I thought will boys notice me more? Thank god I woke up. To young girls reading this don't ever ever change yourself to suit or impress anybody else. Thankfully I didn't, I would have known deep down it was the wrong decision and one I'm glad I never followed through with.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The LBD Styled 3 Ways in collaboration with Nicce London

Nicce are a brand I've followed for a long while. In fact I think my boyfriend more put them on my radar. Jay likes to think (which is true I have to admit) he's had a very big impact on my fashion choices. My sporty vibe has came out since I've met him so that does make sense. 
 So when I find myself shopping with jay or my best mate who is too a boy. I find myself shopping for me in the men's sections. 

Nicce is one of those brands I wondered into and Jays had or has worn a few pieces from them. That I've tried to steal from time to time I'll admit. I've then go on to buy some pieces from their womenswear range. I've always loved their understated chic sportswear. 
 So when Nicce London got in touch and asked if I'd like to be gifted a black body con dress* from them to style in 3 ways it was a no brainer. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

I'm a cry baby, do you cry baby? | Musings on becoming a third year Fashion Student

There are many things in this world that make me want to cry. And the thought of embarking on my 3rd year as a Fashion Student at University is one of them. 
Wow, I think I have started blog posts a little more upbeat than that in the past. 
But honestly I. AM. TERRIFIED. 

I am probably equally as excited but only terrified that: this is my final year, the last year with my friends sharing the stress and the memories, all together doing the same thing.
 The last year actually being a student and the perks that come with that. No I don't want to speak about my debt after uni and my lack of discounts that come with that. Hello can you do post graduate discounts please??
And the last year of getting away with not fully adulting. I am not ready to accept responsibility as an adult. I know, I know I am 21 and well I am ultimately an adult but you know I don't have to behave like one...

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