Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Perfect Places | + Thoughts on comparison and finding your aesthetic

About a week ago now I wrote a tweet on twitter the tweet read 'Sometimes I look at other peoples Instagrams/blogs & think why does my stuff not look like that? But then I remember I am me and you are you' it attracted a lot of attention whether that just be the time of day I posted it or and I hope it's the latter (whilst this post is kinda pointless.) 
That people often need that reassurance whether that be as a creative or as an individual, that we are all our own person; unique and different to the next. The content we create is personal to us, with our own touch. We shouldn't resort to comparison but do we do of course. 
Though I feel like this post has probably been written a million times in various different ways its still a reoccurring issue to come up. Or something that plays on my mind at least. 

Friday, 14 July 2017

I don't know about you, but shit I'm 22 | Lifestyle

I've toyed with so many ideas for this post when realising my birthday was coming up I thought oh I'll do 22 life lessons only to realise I'd already written that last year. 
So with that idea stumped I thought what else could I write about? And it got me thinking. 
Though 21 is 'supposedly' a big change in my life 22 is huge too. Even if not much of a fuss is made about it and you can't buy special banners for it. This is the year I go to university for my final year, the point where I realise I'm actually growing up making grown up decisions. Where will I go, what am I going to do? It's scary to even thing that this time next year I will be out of uni and in the big wide world ...  
                                                forget that I don't even want to think about it. 
 But it's also got me reflecting too. 
I did intend to do this post in a list for because hey who doesn't love lists? But when thinking about the future honestly I found it so hard to even thing about 22 things in comparison. 
Instead I just wanted to write about where I am in my life right now, the things I'm grateful for and the things I'm thinking about ahead of the future.

 Scary times eh?

This year out has taught me so much about where I want to go in life and the things I'm really passionate about one thing that's came to the forefront over this year is how much I love blogging and how much I have improved from last year. My year out is about my career and getting experience in the fashion world which of course is what I gained from it but taking a little time for yourself really makes you realise whats important to you. 
During this year my tutors at uni gave me feedback about this blog and it just made me strive even more to work at something I love. 
My content I feel like I just keep pushing and I like to be at a point where I can say man my blog looks good. 
Much on that fact since starting my blog way back all those years ago (I have actually genuinely lost count now.) The Blogosphere has been a massive part of my life. The support and friends I have met through it, is something that makes you so grateful for the Internet. Sometimes you just need that little nudge in the right direction from the people who support and understand what you do. 
The girls I know in that community mean a lot to me, I think they will know who they are. 

 Over the past few months too one thing I've really been enjoying is doing regular shoots with my best friend not sure if he knows how much I really appreciate him doing so. Tomas has always been that of a best friend to me, I'm extremely grateful I can talk to him about everything, ask him for advice and have a laugh together about anything and everything and man have we done a lot of that. 
Meeting him at uni is one of the best things to come out of it, honestly. 

 Right now I'm still doing my internship just over the summer at least and it has taught me SO much. 
Its crazy to think about the things I'm going to go back to uni knowing and the contacts I've made. I wrote a post about it back here . It has been a huge moment of my life where I didn't know what was going to happen. And thankfully Bottle Blonde took me under their wing and I couldn't be anymore grateful for it. The experiences I've been given and are still undertaking I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

  Over this past year and the whole length of the time I've been at uni Jay has been there the whole way, looking after me, supporting me and being a huge part of my life. It's safe to say sometimes I don't think I could have done everything I've done without him. (good luck with your stress levels whilst I'm in 3rd year babe) 
 We're going to Reading again this year I went last year for the first time (I always said this was the first festival I'd go to, it wasn't) but I feel its the festival that knows me most. I seen some of my favourite bands ever all in one weekend couldn't have been happier. This year its going to be much of the same, gah I cant wait. 

Whilst reflecting I have to of course mention my mum who is too a huge part of my life, she raised me to be the 22 year old I am today, which I like to think is something she is proud of which I'm sure she will 100% say yes to but something, I myself don't want to blow my trumpet to loudly about. 
I mentioned last year in my birthday post that sometimes you just need your mum and honestly its true, there is times where I've just missed having that cup of tea and chat with my mum when I've been away. I still ask am I okay to take this? How do I cancel my direct debit? How long should this go in the microwave for? Can you make me an appointment at the doctors?... 
Truth is my mum goes with me through thick and thin, she has always been there regardless. (should I grab you a tissue if you're reading this mum?)
My sister, my niece and Nan are too people I have a HUGE amount of love for each have been there for moments in my life, that mean a lot to me. 

     For the future or and coming year like I mentioned this is my final year at uni and boy oh boy will it go fast! The excitement, anticipation and apprehensive of it is circling my mind right now and it's coming thick and fast.
 I started uni 3 years ago now doing a foundation and finishing up feels like the biggest chapter in my life. The friends I've made, the people I've met, the things I've learnt. All are going to shape me ahead of my 'adult' future. 
I can't wait to graduate with a fashion degree under my belt and finish with some of my closet friends that have all made my experience at uni. Right now I'm not too sure where that degree will take me, I'm still looking at going into videography or photography. God its still giving me shivers knowing that I'll read this back when I'm actually in a job or thinking about doing so next year. 

Right now though I know that after all that stress and all that work I'm going to need a holiday; I'm already thinking about where I want to go. 

But i guess for right now I am happy with all I have and am so grateful for every opportunity that comes my way, everything I have materialistically and those I have in my life including my lil fur babies (cats for those wondering) 
Maybe I should start paying more attention now to those letters from my bank, paying attention to my bank balance, thinking seriously about what I want to do with my life, maybe I should have more unexpected nights, go on more adventures, grab every moment that comes my way, start pretending to know what I'm doing, do my own washing and perhaps eat more fruit. 

But for now fuck it, I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 

(also I totally tried doing 'its my birthday' faces on these photos but my sassy side just had to come out sorry not sorry) 
Dress: Vintage, Belt: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Hotel Shower Gel 


Thursday, 6 July 2017

7 Current Favourite Song Picks | Music

I was really feeling a music post this week so thought why not? Tuesday night me and Jay booked Reading so it was kind of a given. I can't actually believe we're are going to Reading again but hey, I can't bloody wait! Nearer the time I'm planning on a 'bands I'm looking forward to at Reading' but until then I fancied doing my current favourites songs I'm loving. 
And I hope you do too! 

Liam Gallagher - Wall of Glass

I wasn't excited when this first came out as much as, say I was for Noel Gallagher bringing out his own stuff. *hides under table from Oasis fans*
 I really have to hand it to the man. This is an absolute tune, one that you can help but find yourself singing to. Its actually really exciting to hear some solo stuff from Liam away from Beady Eye (I wasn't a fan) now this is all about him and his time to have a moment and I think I'm going to enjoy more of whats to come. 
Not to mention I'm seeing him at bloody Reading Festival YASSS!

Arcade Fire - Everything Now 

Oh man do I adore this band, I honestly think that everything Arcade Fire bring out is pure magic. 
Its always so current of the time, I always feel like they have such an awareness of the world which is really refreshing to hear.
I love how uplifting this song is. Every time I hear it, it just makes me happy and want to dance. 
This is definitely one made for festivals. 

Wolf Alice - Yuk Foo

I have to admit when I first heard this song, I wasn't blew away. It wasn't what I expected from Wolf Alice if I'm honest. But after a few listens it definitely grew on me, or has now grew on me.
It feels like with the arrival of their new stuff, they're are saying: we are here. We have arrived.
And that is what I love about this. Its definitely a song to listen to when you've had a bad day or split or with your ex. One to play on full volume and scream from the rooftops. I am so excited to hear more from them. Especially as I will be seeing them at the end of the year. Double YAS

Everything Everything - Can't Do

I ADORE Everything Everything and I totally believe that they are one of the most underrated bands. The music they make, the sound they create and the vocals Jonathan can perform with his mouth is insane. They never fail to excite me when they bring out new music. Each time it always sounds like a new sound. This one sounds more dance-y in comparison to their others, but still stays true to who they are. 
Its so catchy, by second chorus you'll be singing 'I can't do the thing you want' 

Also i'll be seeing them at Reading, at the end of August Triple YAS. 

The Killers - The Man 

I AM IN LOVE with this song. 
It sounds so different to anything I would expect from The Killers but everything I kinda want from them. 
I love how cocky it is and self assured it is singing ' I got gas in the tank, I've got money in the bank' 
It feels very familiar of Brandon Flowers own music which for me is a real plus point because I love Brandon Flowers own stuff. This song feels really plays up to the frontman that Brandon is. I'm excited to hear more from them, and hopefully follow in a similar sound. 

Foo Fighters - Run 

I am so happy to have The Foo's back. I love the way this track builds up, the husky vocals at the beginning they seems soft but then MAN does it pick up. 
The heaviness of the track really does it for me. They still well and truly have it,  I think they proved that at Glastonbury. This song is definitely a rollercoaster of different levels but still stays true to The Foos sound. 
Cant wait to hear more from them.

Don't Care Enough - HAUS 

I feel like I'm always shouting about how good this band are. I really really hope they get bigger and appreciated for how good they actually are. His voice is something really new and usual and every time I listen to them they sound so reminiscent of Foals. 
Its hard to quite place your finger on what kind of style or genre this song fits into at times it feels like you want to throw a fist to the sky and shout other times it feels calm and quite sincere. 
If you haven't listened to these before, I really do urge you to do so. 

Oh also I'm seeing them at Reading too Quadrouple YAS

Sorry I'l shut up now. 

Until next time!
OH and also its my birthday next week, so I'll have a special lil birthday post up! 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Lust for Life | + Tips for Newbies shopping Vintage

I had SO many Lily Allen 2k6 vibes when editing these photos. I have a slight fear that my style both in life and on my blog are edging more towards Chav Chic than Sporty Chic but anyhow I am REALLY digging this outfit. The whole location and such just came together real nicely.
I got my skirt and sunglasses from Hotel Shower Gel (which btw I think is the best name I've heard from a vintage store!)
Upon receiving both I had straight away an initial idea of how I wanted it styled. I wanted it to be ALL about the pink, if I'm honest I was a tad lazy with the top, but in my defence the day we shot these it was SO, hot mid heatwave which comes about once in a blue moon in England.
So I had no choice but to go out in as minimal clothing as possible. The white pieces worked perfectly to be honest, and if you know my style will probably say actually Paige this is the first time we have seen you not wearing black??

I know miracles do happen.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Festival Earrings | DIY

Today's post is slightly different to usual I actually planned on doing a DIY on my blog but I haven't done one on YouTube ever - except many attempts to. 
I am slowly but surely trying to improve my YouTube game. So this post instead of being more of an actual post I just wanted to show you some photos of some earrings I have filmed a video for on how to make them. 
I'm a student as you know, so if it means I can make something for free or cheaper I will do. (I know that sounds awful but hey!)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Let's go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah | 7 things I'm unapologetically bad at

This post was a little impromptu, I intended it to be more an outfit post than anything else, but I felt like writing so well here it is.
The start of this week has been bad. Not awful but not ideal either. I was greeted with a 'sorry we will not be offering you a job' to end my Monday. Granted this was just a part time job for the summer but regardless the last thing you really want to hear is your not wanted for a job that could have been pretty good fun.
As soon as the interview was over I knew I hadn't got it I didn't need a confirmation to tell me I hadn't I knew there and then just by being my annoyingly-under-pressure-shy-self I'd messed things up for myself.
It hit hard I'll admit the weekend I spent remembering all the stupid things I said during my interview then after the official 'you haven't got it' I cried in my room, got it all out and sucked it up. That probably sounds a tad dramatic, look sometimes we just need a good cry and sometimes something comes along that prompts that.

Hell I'm over it now.

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