Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I am in love with the idea of love

*  items in this post have kindly been gifted by Missguided. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not reflect those of the brands I may be discussing*

Every year when Valentines Day rolls around, or Galentines day whichever day you choose to celebrate. I rack my brains for something to write. I don't have to write anything, nothing at all. I could choose to ignore the day and carry on as if I never happened. But I am a sucker for a bit of commercialism and I am a sucker for love. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Just Like Honey

*  items in this post have kindly been gifted by Missguided. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not reflect those of the brands I may be discussing*

This ones for the girls. But applies to the most probably very few lads who do read my blog *waves if that's you*. This is for you too. In fact, this is for all of those who from time to time, need that little push, that little lift or that piece of confidence that can go a longgg way. 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Berlin Photo Diary | Travel

First off I want to apologise for my absence from my blog as of late. As many of you may know I'm in my last year at uni and right now it's getting to the point where it's getting v serious (I mean its always been serious) now I'm currently on my last final major project the work is coming thick and fast. So I have to have my full attention on that.
 I was planning on doing a post that explained my absence and taking a break from my blog for a while but honestly in my heart I couldn't do it because I adore blogging and it makes a lot of sense with my course studying fashion it's a part of my future and it ties in quite nicely with my work so I am keeping up to date with it as much as I can. 
I still have collaborations coming up so keep an eye out for that. 

 I did plan on just a vlog for Berlin with my intention being to just use most of the photos and content created there for university because the main intention was for research as part of my university course but with it being my first time there it was a given to do the typical touristy things. Berlin is wonderful and honestly, towards the end I couldn't help just taking a snap of everything, street corners, posters, houses you name it there's something in every corner of Berlin. So, of course, I couldn't not share that with you all. I thought I'd do a little photo diary much like for when I visited Paris 2 years ago and tell you a little bit about what we got up to whilst we were there. Just in case you fancied going yourself. (Which you definitely should if you haven't been already)

 I went with my best mate Tomas we arrived very early (early for a student) at 9.10ish on Monday morning- our flight was 6.25 which meant for the most of Monday we were pretty much zombies. 
The rest of the week on various days we visited the Brandenburg Gate which was for me really exciting to see, definitely the part that makes me think of Berlin when I see it. It was nice to see that both in the day and as it was getting dark- we kind of went at sundown so we got the best of both which wasn't intentional but worked quite well. 
We also visited the East Side Gallery which was a bloody cold walk and SO windy but definitely worth it. The artwork was incredible and again a huge part that felt very much like 'woah' I'm in Berlin.
We made a flying visit to the Holocaust Memorial which if I'm honest wasn't what I expected. Damn you Instagram for some reason it just looked a lot different to I expected but still very fascinating and intriguing to see and explore. 

We also went during Fashion Week so during our time there we visited the Premium exhibitions including SEEK and Bright. As well as dropping in on the Mercedes Benz fashion week which was also fun. I loved the trade shows much more than I expected, such a cool urban vibe there which I loved. I also loved the little signs SEEK had dotted around the event which slogans on. 
Finally whilst we were there we visited a HELL of a lot of cafes because it was so cold we dropped in a few places. I loved the Cafe Cinema which felt more like a bar than a coffee shop but it was very cool and next to the Haus Schwarzenberg too which makes for a good stop. Haus Schwarzenberg was actually probably my favourite part of Berlin. I was blown away by the whole thing, it felt really undiscovered (even though I know its popular) it was really interesting to see. 
We also visited Bikini Mall whilst we were there which for those of you who don't know is a very Instagram friendly shopping centre with some really cool boutiques and eateries. Next to it is the Monkey Bar which was really nice! We only hoped for better weather so we could look out over the top of Berlin (the bar is on the 10th floor so perfect for viewing) the bar also overlooks part of the Berlin Zoo so you can see the monkeys, hence 'Monkey Bar' 
To me Berlin felt VERY London-esque. I can definitely see why people might move there if they live in London. And in comparison to visiting Paris its definitely a lot more hipster, very cool (I've said a thousand times in this post) and there is SO much to explore I know for a fact I haven't done it all in one visit, its one of those places you need to keep going back to. Next time though I'd make the visit in the summer, it was freezing when we went! 

Enjoy the vlog and until next time take care! (P.s that's not the end of the Berlin photos I have an outfit post over the next few weeks from there) 


Friday, 29 December 2017

Ciao Adios I'm done 2017

I can't even tell you how good it feels each time I write a post just lately, how good it feels to take a break from uni work and forget all about it.
It feels ages since I've posted but when I checked I posted last month?? (You can tell how much I miss blogging when I'm not doing it.)
I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas apologies for not doing any Christmass-y posts or outfits this year. My head just hasn't been in the game whilst I have a uni deadline looming. This year I just wanted to enjoy the festive period and have a nice break, no stress, just spent with the people I love, enjoying one another's company.

I've been finding it quite hard to write this post because if I'm honest I can't think of anything hugely significant that has happened this year that has been life changing or different.
It's been a strange ol' year if I'm honest. It's not been one of the best, but it's also not been the worst either.
Before writing this post I'd decided that it would be more for writing down my resolutions and things I'd like to change in time for 2018. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been a good year or that I've not done anything that makes me less successful to the next person. Thinking back there have been a few small progressions and I'm honest I'm all for the quiet life. I'd rather a few little changes here and there than lots of big ones or worse, bad news. So without further a do let's get into my year in review: 2017


I got to see some amazing bands in 2017 

Not only did we go to Reading Festival again this year and seen Eminem, Kasabian (who I've been waiting years to see) Muse, Anteros, Sundara Karma and seeing Glass Animals and Everything Everything in the same night was one of my most favourite nights of my life honestly. 
I danced and sang that night like a crazy person. Along with Reading we went to gigs throughout the year. We seen Palace, Two Door cinema club, Glass Animals again, Roosevelt, Superfood, Wolf Alice, The Amazons. 

I voted in the Snap Election

I haven't had a child, I haven't brought my own house, I haven't done a lot of typical adult choices but this year I voted in the election and to me it felt very grown up. 
It felt exciting to be apart of something and to do something that could make a change. We all know the outcome of that but to see the force in which the young people, my generation of people that came out to make that change made me realise change is coming it may be slow to get there but it is coming.

 I went blonde 

This for me was huge, I think you know as a reader that too. I wrote a whole blog post on it. But really it was such a big change for me and one I haven't so far looked back on. Anyone who I asks me about my hair I say I love being a blonde- honestly I do I feel like I can wear so much more and be braver with fashion choices. And it feels exciting to do different things with my hair. I think I realised change is good and it can make a whole lot of difference.

I finished my placement year and started my 3rd year at University

For my placement year I worked at Bottle Blonde which many of you will already know (also where these mighty fine flares are from) working there taught me so much about working in the fashion industry, it helped me with my confidence and taught me so much that any degree couldn't. It set me up for my final year at uni which boy, already is SO much work. Crazy to think that in 2018 I'll be graduating, hopefully at least anyway. 

 Blogging this year has been HUGE!

 I got my first paid blog post AND got a domain. I think this was the year I stopped apologising for having a blog so many years and not really getting anything from it. Especially when I realised my content wasn't what it is today and I didn't have a domain before now. I could say I should have got a domain years ago which is partly true. But this year felt like the perfect time, I felt ready to really take blogging seriously and do what I enjoy. 
I'm in my final year of uni so getting a co.uk for my blog looks and sounds more professional. And since that's happened I started getting paid collaborations. Which felt to me huge, to be paid to do something I love just feels incredible. And finally I started to really enjoy my own content and actually like what I was putting out there. And for the now I think and I hope people like it. 

On to my outfits though out the year now which I have to say, not to blow my own trumpet or anything but has to be the first year where I have loved every single one of my outfits from the year. I even had to narrow a couple of months down. And that is because I think I have become comfortable in my own style and Im learning to find what suits me and what is ulitmately me. Since getting my hair dyed blonde as I said earlier I'm having a lot more fun with colour and choosing pieces that I may have not chosen before. I think you can definetly tell from the beginning of the year I have injected more colour into my outfits- definetly for the better. Which one is your favourite month? 

And finally would it even be a round up post if I dint post my NY Resoultions for next year, I think not.

 To not spend so much money ESPESH on things I don't really need

 Do I really need another scarf when I've already brought 3 this winter, or THAT coat that every blogger on the planet owns? And do I really need to grab a coffee in town can it not wait till I get home where I have about 3 jars of coffee already opened? One of the things I've really noticed this year is how much the little things build up a pound here and there makes your account go down surprisingly quickly. And for me this year leaving uni and being old in the big wild world money is crucial. So I'd better start saving now *whelp*

 Stop complaining so much

Jay told me the other day you're like a complaining old lady. I said I'm not!! Before realising I'd probably moaned the entire bus journey about something really irrelevant then moaning some more when I got off the bus about how much people really annoy me. And it made me think about how I really don't enjoy listening to other people moan. And how I can say oh I'm British we love a good moan. It actually makes you such a miserable person and it makes you bitter. A lot of the time the things I moan about are irrelevant like I said and after doing so I think what did I actually achieve by moaning about that said thing? Absolutely nothing.

 Let the snakes lay in 2017 

This is a blog post I've wanted to write for a while it's one that's still in works so keep an eye out. Something that doing my project at university has helped me to realise. A topic that also includes creatives not willing to work with other creatives. There's a lot I want to cover but overall it's time to leave the people who think they're better than you, the people who think they are superior or bigger than you, the people that pretend to like you and the year to stop trying to make people like me, because honestly I'm exhausted of trying. 

To start vlogging again

Over the Christmas period I loved watching Vlogmas. I've always loved vlogs even when people aren't necessarily doing much I'm just interested in people's lives, and how they live them. And every time I watch a vlog I think to myself I miss filming and putting together vlogs and I thought overall 2018 is going to be a huge year. I'm going to start working properly, leaving university, graduating, going to Berlin (which is a no brainer to vlog) and I'm sure much more will be happening too. So I'm going to see how it goes. 

To stop procrastinating and picking my phone up every 5 minutes 

Take yesterday for example I started editing blog photos in the afternoon I thought I could easily be done with this by dinner time. Instead I kept picking my phone up, scrolling, putting it down, picking it up. Doing an insta story, taking a photo. Choosing music on Spotify, making another cup of tea, and in general just staring into space. And would you look at that it's 2.00am and I'm finally uploading blog photos. I think I'll add more early nights to that list too- they're so underrated.

Happy New Year one and all! I'll see you in 2018! 
Over and out.

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