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P A I G E | 21 | Fashion Student & Current Intern at Bottle Blonde Studio | 
Fashion, Lifestyle and Music Blogger & Youtuber | Videographer 

I started my blog in 2010 with the hope to inspire and show people how I style and wear my clothes as well as also sharing all my favourite things and little snippets of my life. 
Now I still blog my personal style, which has changed drastically I'd like to hope from when I began (phew) along with throwing in some DIY's which I love to put together, music posts and lifestyle mainly. 

The name Held Together By Pins came about from my love of fashion, I feel that it's something that holds me together which may sound incredibly cliché but is truly the reason, studying it as a Degree means it's ultimately at the centre of my life and the goal being after I leave uni I will eventually embark onto a career within the Fashion Industry. 
I also have a strange reason for the meaning. Sometimes (not so much anymore) I put pins on my clothes, I'm quite bad at impulse buying (I used to be worse) so I sometimes have to take in my clothes to make them smaller, random but again completely true.

& a little more about me you might like to know 

 I also love to make videos and take photographs I couldn't be more happier being generally creative and letting my mind roam free.
As mentioned before I am a Videographer I film lots of behind the scenes for photoshoots and brands you can see my work here

I hope to inspire that is my main goal, and I hope I can do that. 
It means the world to read my readers comments I appreciate each and every single one.
I really do hope you enjoy reading my blog.


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