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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Send Me A Love Letter

First of I'm so pleased with the reaction I've had to my name change I was really worried in case it wasn't took to well or people didn't like it but your all so lovely and its something I'm really happy with and I'm glad you are all too! 
So with tomorrow being Valentines Day it was only appropriate I did a Valentines post this outfit was kind of just thrown together really (before my mum came home) I've had a cold and still have one so if she caught me outside like this in the snow I'd get lectured haha.
Anyway this blouse i brought the other day and one I've wanted for a while I've seen it in different styles but this one just had to be brought the minute i seen it.
 Pinafore's and shirts is defiantly a trend that I'm loving at the moment so a pinafore dress is defiantly on my wishlist at the moment! 
I tried to create the style though in my own way with braces instead.

My headband I DIYed it was something I've wanted to do for ages and after having a bit of spare time on my hands i decided to give it a go instead of using the usual ready made artificial flowers though i made my own out of red material. I thought I'd include steps in case you wanted to give it a go yourself.
You need: a headband, cotton/needle, material, Scissors, Glue Gun 

First i began by drawing circles in various sizes onto the material and cut them out so they fit together.
Then afterwards sowed the material together so it resembled a flower.

Once that was done i glued them to a headband (which originally had a bow i took off and used it as a accessory) 

Then Ta-da! 

And finally i have a interview for a uni! Yes London University Of The Arts wants to consider me; so im going to drop down there next week for a interview, eek wish me luck! 

Anyway thats all from me lovely's! How ever you spend your Valentines Day i hope is wonderful date or no date! Your all beautiful! 
Take Care x



  1. cute look! i love it!

  2. See that shirt in store, love it! & your DIYs are great!!

  3. beautiful! awesome diy

  4. Love this outfit! The headband is gorgeous, can't believe you made it!

  5. Hi
    Nice look :)
    I did you follow me?
    My blog said that you didt

  6. love your skirt and headband! love your new blog name too :) x

  7. I can't believe how amazing you are!

  8. I love your blog!! Great post as well. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  9. that shirt's so cute! lovely headband too, a great diy x

  10. Your skirt is so lovely and I love the shirt as well

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  11. you have great sense of style! follow you, hope you follow back :)

  12. lovelovelove

  13. New follower! Love your blog =)
    That headband is fab I can't believe you made it, the whole outfit looks lovely =) xx

  14. ah, your outfit is so darling! i adore the head piece that you made, and the skirt you are wearing here!

    lindsey louise

  15. This outfit is gorgeous! You look so cute ^.^
    Also congrats on the uni interview! Whereabouts at UAL are you going?xx

  16. WOW!! Lovely skirt. Following you now hope you follow us back.Kisses

  17. Gorgeous, i've got to start making flower crowns, they're one trend i really do love

  18. Oh thank you for your lovely words. I love this outfit. ♥


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