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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

If your not happy wearing denim, your a devil in disguise.

okay so that was a bit dramatic but seriously I've wanted a pinafore dress for ages and finally on Saturday I picked one up being in a very dangerous mood of shopping where I wanted to by EVERYTHING, no seriously.

Anyway being in that mood striked me quite lucky! I ventured over to the teen section in New Look whilst my mum was busy distracted with the other clothes when I came across my pinafore dress. Being in that section though I was worried that the size wouldn't fit and my heart would break right there haha anyway i took it to the changing room and it fit! Even better than that though I managed to get 20% off it over all because there was a slight mark on it and student discount wayhey! So instead of £17.99 I got it for much cheaper, don't ask you don't get!

To top of the look too I also put together a flower headband which was very easy to do. All you need is a bunch of artificial flowers, scissors, glue gun, headband and newspaper.

First chop the flower head off and then begin pulling the flower apart taking off any bits of plastic.

Then just glue the pieces on pressing and sticking where necessary to get it look right. And really that's all it is!

And if you don't fancy making yourself one I 'might' put one into my give-away which I'm planning on doing when I get to 300 followers for now I have a definite piece I'm putting in but if you'd like one I'll sure throw one in! 

Also I think its fairly obvious that I'm going to tweet about my new glasses which by the way haven't been off (very much) since I got them. I'm only supposed to be wearing them for reading and they make me look like such a geek but hey just getting in touch with my inner self haha!

So anyway sorry for rambling (again) I drank coffee on Monday and i swear its still in my system?! And god I didn't realise i took so many photos! You can defiantly tell the summers coming due to the amount of time I spend in the garden taking photos and soaking up the sunshine. I also chose to write this post on the busiest night on tv, (yep just letting you in on my thrilling life here) New Girl, Great British Sowing Bee, The Mindy Project and Jools Holland.

But as I said the next post WILL be a give-away which I'm quite excited about because I'm sure your going to love it! That is of course if I reach 300 followers!

I've also noticed that a few of you have started following on Instagram and Twitter so thank you! Those that haven't my instagram is: heldtogetherbypins and on twitter @togetherbypins

That though until next time is all from me beautiful's! Take care!



  1. Aw lovely pinafore! Plus, it's great your managed to get 20% off!
    Also your headband is so cute, you look great

  2. Really cute pinafore dress - it's a lovely shade of blue! I'm always checking the kids section too haha you never know what you might find there ;)

    x Gi

  3. SUPER lovely pictures! and I love the flower headband! would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin?? let me know darling:)) happy week! one big kiss!


  4. omg the dungaree dress is perf! too cute.

  5. Lovely post, you can never take too many photo's. That is an adorable first pinafore dress, even better that you teamed it with stripes and I LOVE your headband! Nice job on that!

  6. I have to do a floral crown like yours ;) It's perfect <3

  7. thank you Dear for visit ;) would you like to follow each other? ;)

  8. Hi ! I super loved all of your outfit! Its so nice to look at. :))
    would you like to visit my blog. and follow me? and ill go follow back too! :))


    thankyou so much Godbless! xx :D

  9. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and where u’ve followed me!
    Be sure I’ll flw back)

  10. You look adorbale ^__^

    Love your handband.

    Have a Great Weekend,


  11. I followed you already Dear on GFC and Bloglovin ;) Kisses!

  12. I love the headbands that you got. Especially the pearl one. I don't think floral headbands look very good on me.

    7% Solution​

  13. This is a very cute outfit, you look lovely! X

  14. love the headband :) it's a really creative idea!


  15. wow love your blog and your crown, I'm your new follower hope you can follow back

  16. great look!

  17. Such a lovely tutorial!and I love your dress, so versatile!

  18. Love the headband! DIY tips are always super useful. :)



  19. Really cute overalls and great DIY! You look awesome and I love your cat <3

    Fashion Landscape

  20. I'm glad it fit you! Hurrah for getting it from the kids section, it's so much cheaper than adults anyway. Win win.

    I love new girl! Funniest show in the world and I have a mega girl crush on zooey!

    Corinne x

  21. Amazing outfit and I love your DIY headband. Pretty obsessed with flower crowns myself right now.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  22. What a cute flower crown! I've made them before but only with wire. They end up sticking into your head at some point. Not that much fun...

  23. Gorgeous dress :) So pretty and summery :) Loving the DYI too

    Ruth x

  24. SO cute! And I adore your style! Following<3 Alex


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