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Monday, 12 August 2013


When the trend Sport Luxe first came about I\have t admit I was quite reluctant to take to it. I don't like sport at the best of times (Rodger Federer and the tennis is about as far as I take that one) So the fact it had been brought into fashion scared me a little. I don't even own a pair of trainers, I know right?! 

Anyway I'm one for trying new things, so when I picked up these crochet shorts that I'd been after for a while i thought they fitted well with the sports luxe trend I always thought that when I brought a pair I'd be desperate to pretty them up but they actually made me feel quite sporty.
I have to say Kavita from She Wears Fashion was my muse for this outfit I think she just pulls the trend off to a tee. 

The see through/ transparent trend has also been around for a while and one I hope to stay around. 
I was discussing it the other day when I was asked how I wear it, in all honestly I'd take this clutch everywhere in reality though not so much with the risk that people would see EVERYTHING in my bag. In some ways though I think its nice to display your essentials I'm talking in this case lipstick, sunglasses and my phone though I defiantly wouldn't carry it down some dodgy backstreet. 
I actually found this bag in Asda and when I purchased it along with some headbands I was asked if they were for a child haha! Not being a pink person I quite quickly DIY-ed this and made it all transparent.
Adding to my forever growing collection of bags I've just brought a backpack I can't wait to show you all, I've lusted after them for a while but I've been quite unsure about buying one because its not really my style but I think it'll set me up nicely for uni (if I don't wear it out before then)

Again I shall leave you with a song as the last one went down a storm. Although this one is quite different; when I was editing this photos and writing this post I was listening to Crystal Fighters who I adore. 
P.s play this and pretend your dancing in the streets of Barbados.. I do. 
Until next time take care beauties!



  1. Love this outfit and these pictures <3!
    Amazing t-shirt and the shorts! Inlove with it!
    . . .
    Dreamer Clara^^

  2. Amazing outfit!

  3. Love the shorts! where are they from? x

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love the illustration on the top too :)

    The Little Antlers
    Illustration portfolio

  5. What a cute outfit, I love the bicycle on your top, and the texture of the shorts! Adorable look!


  6. Gorgeous, such a lovely touch that you made the bag more you! X

  7. Love this look and your DIY clutch too!

  8. Those shorts are so pretty!! :) <3

    Tara x

  9. Cute outfit... love the edgy-ness with the leather jacket. Hmm I'm not sure how I feel about the see-through bags. Yours is very cute because you have a nice phone case and cute sunnies in it. But I'm not sure if I would like the whole world seeing what's inside my bad? Thank you for sharing!
    H&K, Olivia

  10. For someone who doesn't do sports luxe usually you've pulled it off effortlessly. The Roger Federer comment made me laugh. Anyway love the outfit, the shorts are adorable and the jacket adds a lovely touch. Love the clear bag, it goes with your outfit perfectly, and I'm usually not a fan!

  11. Woah! Love how you made the clutch bag :)
    chanelle jade

  12. You've pulled this off perfectly! You look so lovely, the style really suits you ♥
    I wasn't one for the whole sport luxe thing at first either, but I'm definitely coming round to it :3 xx

  13. Your top is adorable babe & I'm lovin' the transparent trend! :D xx

  14. Beautiful, amazing and cute outfit♥!

  15. Totaly in love with your Outfit + Bag !

    love, morena

  16. What you've done with your bag is so cool! and i love your outfit i'm in love with the short :)

  17. Cool tee. Interesting DIY idea :)
    Adela x

  18. I love your blog

  19. Obsessed with your shorts! Also, I'm loving the clear bag, but I do agree...there are times I wouldn't want people seeing every single thing I'm carrying :)

  20. Amazing look, love the top... And I adore roger Federer also!

  21. Oh my gosh that bottom photo is so gorgeous especially! I love the outfit, I'm also massively unsporty and it's nice to see a cute feminine take on sports luxe XX


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