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Friday, 8 November 2013

I wanna be yours.

Evening my lovelies, wanted to squeeze in a quick post tonight I'm starting my new job tomorrow (eek) and I know before I've even started I'm going to be knackered after I finish and then I'm back in uni Monday. I also have the word UCAS creeping around again (nooo) so figured whilst I'm feeling (mostly) awake I'd post now. 
This week I arrived home to find a b-eautiful bun crown I've wanted one for a while because I've always loved the concept of them and I've been lusting after the deep and dark colours for autumn. I'm very lucky to of received this one from Roses & Clementines I'm absolutely in love with it. I strongly urge you to look at the shop!

I'd say I was lucky to take the photos when I did, which I am but I left uni this week quite early to do some photos for my project (so I was still working) and I ended up taking some for my blog as well. I sat on the bus thinking I should still be in uni and working there, still no harm done though and I still got a lot of work done! 

Im actually not as happy as I could be with these photos the lighting and quality is so poor! I blame it on the weather and the nights getting darker! Anyway I had such a wonderful response from my Halloween outfit and equally had a wonderful Halloween, such a fun night! Also hope you all did too!
I've already considered my costume for next year! I'm a changed woman I know!

And I promise I haven't gone crazy with the bare legs, although the cold weathers really kicking in now! You know how I know this? My cravings for Gingerbread Latte's have gone through the roof!


Just before I leave you I'll mention I'm now part of the #AccessAllASOS team I got sent these goodies to have a play with which I'm incredibly grateful for! I've actually tried out the nail art glitter and I'm hoping to start up a page for inspiration on my blog for Nail Art as it's another passion of mine and we all need a bit of inspiration now and then don't we?

Anyway that's all from me hope you all take care!

Dress and Bag both: H&M, Bun Crown: Roses & Clementines  



  1. Congrats on your job, hope it goes well for you. Love this outfit, that dress is such a lovely colour and that bun crown is adorable, you suit them so much.

  2. Oohhh where do you get Gingerbread lattes from? They're my faaaavourite thing at a local store in Cape Town, and I keep telling people from everywhere else about them. Oh also these colours suit you nicely! Pretty lady

  3. Paige you look flawless! I love your dress and the colour is gorgeous with your hair and skin. Plus the bag is the cutest thing ever <3

  4. nice outfit!

  5. Absolutely adore this look babe, the bun crown is so cute.

    Hope your first day at work went ok <3 xx

  6. I love this outfit, you look so, so amazing.
    And your whole blog
    is so gorgeous, I also really like Alexa Chung, cats, birdcages -
    I just had to follow you. :)

  7. i looove this outfit! especailly the flowers xx

  8. wow, this headpiece is stunning, love this look on you... hope your not too tired with all your commitments :)

  9. Oh this is a beautiful outfit. Don't feel bad about the lightning, the pictures still turned out pretty :) I am crazy about the hair flowers and the cat bag!


  10. that flower crown is just the cutest thing ever! i really like that you matched it with a dark-colored lace dress.


  11. I absolutely love your outfit, so stylish! I love burgundy colour for Autumn and that flower crown is gorgeous! Your bag is gorgeous, so cute! As for the weather I know exactly what you are talking about, taking pictures is nearly impossible as they turn out so dark and blurry!x


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