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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

15 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self #UsGirl Feature

15 things Id tell my younger self


*Written by Rhianna of

Being a teenager is hard. Youre still a child but you think youre encroaching on adulthood. Its only when you hit your early 20s (I think) that you realise just how young you were and all the things you wish youd have known.

If I had the chance to sit my younger self down, Id give her a big ol shake and tell her these 15 things.

1. Dont ever stay in a relationship you arent happy in, no matter what the circumstance. Especially if that circumstance is because you feel like you should stay because people are expecting you to.

2. You dont have to be the best at everything you do. You can do something youre not that good at just because you enjoy it, people wont care.

3. Your parents do, in fact, know best. And they are, in fact, doing these things because they love you. You will learn this and you will grow up hoping to be as good as them at parenting.

4. Ian Watkins turns out to be a peado. Yep. Not so attractive now, is he?

5. No, you dont want to be popular. Youre going to grow up in a very happy long-term relationship and those popular kids are going to end up living in council houses on benefits with 3 kids.

6. Laughing at teachers behind their backs to be cool isnt cool. They will probably hear you and it will probably hurt their feelings. Dont ruin someones day just to be cool.

7. Dont dye your hair so dark, youll hate it and it will take ages to fade.

8. Be who you are, right now. Pretending to be something youre not is never fun and never good. Its okay to be different.

9. Do yourself a favour and never create a Piczo site (or 10). They were horrendously embarrassing and it took me a whole day to delete any trace of them from the internet.

10. Worrying about something wont change the future just like feeling guilty about something wont change the past.

11. You dont have to laugh at something that isn't funny. Be your own person.

12. You think youre really cool and grown up. Youre not. Stop acting like it and just be a child for a little bit longer.

13. Dad was right, screwing up your A Levels isn't fun and is very stressful. Dont have that close call and actually go to class.

14. Not everyone will like you, its not possible. But it is okay.

15. You dont need to lose weight and everyone has bad skin at your age. Its not the end of the world.

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  1. I am with you on every single one of those!!!!
    Number 4... OH GOD!
    Alice xo

  2. Number 3! Pretty sure I'm going to feel the same way about my twenties when I hit 30!

    Tara x

  3. Love this post! I think I'd tell a younger me pretty much all o these too :')


  4. Hahahah it makes me laugh to think about all the stupid things I did as a teenager. I mean, I'm 19 so technically, I'm still one but on the brink of my 20s. But without these stupid things, there would be no lessons learned nor funny memories to laugh back on. So I would say I'm thankful for them although I definitely would not go back!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  5. I like these. If only we could go back and give ourselves some advice.

  6. I am loving this kind of posts, they are a good eye-opener/thinker for sure! :-) number 1 is something I would have told myself all of those years ago! :-)

    ✨ xxx


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