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Friday, 12 June 2015


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Okay so Friday's dont usually make me say yay what with having work the next day, ugh.
 But when you have time off to do what you damn well please then why the hell not?!
I'm not sure if this will be a regular thing or not, I got up hella early this morning and I've just made a coffee (I haven't even drank it yet and I'm writing this) not sure whats going on.
But I hope it does become a regular thing!

So  I've drawn up a list of 7 things that have made me say 'yay' this week.

1. This morning I booked Florence + The Machine Tickets much to why I was up early, hey maybe I should do this every week? I'm very excited for September now (even though they cost me an arm and a leg)

2. Yesterdays beautiful warm sunny weather. I managed to get a good solid afternoon getting  trying to get a tan. I'm pretty much grateful for even an hours sunshine what with the unpredictable weather in Britian.

3. Which makes me remember I had my first Pimm's of the year on Sunday then again on Monday, oops. Does this mean it's Summer yet? 

4. I've started doing Yoga again as I have the time now and I have been trying to do more exercise (that took me about 5 minutes to spell that word) this week and I feel SO much better for it! 

5. OH MY GOD Foals have announced they have an album coming out in August YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM. They released exciting snippets of two videos and a full track listing. Bring on the release of there new single (I heard rumoured to be out next week, you heard it hear first!) 

6. I finished watching The Face: Australia and Olivia won yay the first time rooting for a model on that show and she wins! I've also started watching America's Next Top Model, claws are outtt

7. I read the most perfect, well written, honest most amazing post I have read in probably ever, Daisy is probably sick of me fangirling after her now but if you haven't read Pie and Fash blog then you really need to. Her post is here 
I love reading blogs however big or small but to come across a blogger that blogs pretty much everything from lifestyle to sex is so refreshing to see and so honest, you go girl! (She also has a fab sense of style)
And there you have it my blog of the week! 

Until next Friday or when I'm feeling pretty eager to post again, take care! 



  1. I've just done the same - I never post on Fridays but today I did :)

    Love this post - writing about the things that make me happy always helps drive the positive things home even more x


  2. So jealous that you're seeing Florence + The Machine! Wish I was you x


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