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Friday, 19 June 2015


Where an earth did that week go?! 
So I'm back for another Fri- Yay Edition (I think I'm just going with that name now) filling you in on a few things I've been up to this week so I'll just go straight into it. 
There's been a lot of negative I wont lie however a lot is personal and also quite depressing to read and that's not even to mention the pain I'm in with the sunburn I have; I never even knew my body was capable of burning as I never really have done before! Hooray I'm finally ginger!  
So I've decided to avoid that and write about what this post is about anyway a few positive things that have happened or things I've done to cheer myself up.

1. Much to last weeks comparison I ordered Gig tickets I promise this isn't becoming a problem or an occurring situation. This time they are for Years & Years who I absolutely adore and have wanted to see for so long!

2. I've been watching a program on Sky that I have just fell in love with I have to be honest I am so out of sync with the other programs I know most are watching at the moment like Game Of Thrones and Orange is the new black instead I have been watching the affair I'm only like 5 episodes in so please no spoilers but it's got me hooked!
That and Gossip Girl. I've been watching that literally every night I'm only on the second season as I'm trying to drag it out to make it last as long as possible! 

3. Sometimes when you have a lot of bad luck you need something that will make you smile again in even the littlest of ways. 
I brought some flowers yesterday to cheer me up along with my mum buying me some lots of sweets! I am so easy to buy for!

4. Zara Sale! - is everyone aware of the sale being on? If not GO GO GO I ordered late last night a dress I've been lusting after for ages and fingers crossed if it looks as nice on as it does off the hanger then I'll make it my birthday dress!
5. OH MY GOD Foals have returned! With their new single 'What went down' I'm still yet to do a review on my music blog for this (sorry) briefly though its the perfect mix of aggression, rage and amazing-ness which isn't even a word but it so good, definitely a grower!

6. Last weekend was a very good one, enjoyed with good friends and loved ones and one sleepless night. I hope there is many more of those to come.
I'm not including this as number 7 because I didn't allow myself that many so we'll pretend I haven't gone over but this week I wrote my own first edition to my #UsGirls series I was just in general proud of it so if you haven't read it please take a look! 

And until next time take care!


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  1. I've started watching Gossip Girl too, I've just finished Season 2, but I did start in February, so looks like I am dragging it out too!
    Amy at


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