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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

#UsGirls Hey remember me, I'm here too you know?

The world is hugely populated full of large numbers of people and to think of the scale of that sometimes can feel overwhelming.
I have to admit there are times when I feel like the world is just going to swallow me up, I'll get lost in a large crowd one day and no one will be able to find me. That may seem a little over the top but it is true and I have felt like that on a few occasions.
Everywhere you go there is competition in which to achieve who and what you want to be and a lot of the time it isn't easy to get to the top or at least to where it is you want to be; a lot of the time it is by chance or luck.
I mean this in terms of both blogging and in the real world.

When I first began blogging it was, I'd say fairly easy to get noticed the first time I heard of the word 'blogging' I was intrigued, the word was pretty much unheard of much to the comparison of now where there is a blog on every corner or the internet. 
Don't get me wrong that is a wonderful fact the quantity of blogs are full of individual content that compared with the quality of when I began is truly amazing; it really has stepped up.
And they say that competition is good- which it is. It gives us all a chance to prove ourselves and inspire from the blogs/bloggers/other people around us, but there can become a time when that can get on top of you and that is really what this post is about.

Recently I found myself stopping and taking a wider look at the picture I began comparing my blog to other blogs and even the appearance of the blogger to me and let me tell you that isn't a good way to go around it.
In the real world things are pretty much similar in any career you aim to go for. I come from a fashion perspective I am currently studying a full time degree at university and with the same outlook on each degree you choose to go for competition is fierce.

At the end of the day you are all fighting to get the job you have dreamed of. 
Again I've found myself in the same position as I mentioned above where by I have looked at my own work and compared it to others in a negative way and that got me down I think that even artists, writers, bloggers and designers alike will say that there are times when sometimes you do feel people have produced work better than you and yes it's something you have to deal with, a lot.

I'm not trying to slag off fashion or put it down in anyway and the very last thing I would want to do is put anyone of going in to that industry but it is a really hard one to be in and without being too stereotypical there are people with very big personalities in it and that does make it hard for every other person trying to make it big sometimes you feel like saying 
'hey remember me I'm here too you know?'

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To really want something for your career you have to really work at it and sometimes you really have to use your elbows because hey that's life we all want to go places.
I've came up with a few tips that can help you out when it comes to feeling in any relation to everything I have mentioned and I have tried to relate it to anyone who may be reading be you another blogger, writer, artist etc. 
Because we do at times need a little pick me up.

Don't compare yourselves to others, ever.

Remember when your mother used to tell you all the time to just be yourself 'don't follow the crowd' that is one of life's most important quotes. It may seem a little cliché but we are all individuals FACT we are all different to the person sat next to us whether you share the same interests or appearance; we are all totally different. 
That's not to say we cant look at what other people are doing because it's refreshing and inspiring to see that but what I'm trying to say is don't get down about it.
Looking at it in a way where you begin to look at your own work/blog or whatever in a negative way and begin to feel negative about it isn't good.
 Instead accept what is good about another persons work and use that to inspire your own. But don't copy, because no one like a copycat. 
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When you think you can't get through it, you CAN get through it 

There are two ways you can go about this. 
If I could tell you the amount of times that I have wanted to give up on whatever I am doing and just forget about it I couldn't even give you a number. I've found myself half way through University projects and wanted it just to be over because I've struggled that bad to get ideas or I haven't really got much interest in what my chosen proposal is. But in that sense you have to just push through it, giving up will only amount in things getting on top of you. If you can't relate to the project find something, anything that you can cling to that interests you even in the slightest and work with that. 
It can be hard but allow yourself enough time so that you can have even the tiniest break to just think and if you find yourself running out of time just roll with it, have fun with it and I promise it'll all work out.
In terms of blogging (I mean this in the sense of if you do it as a hobby) the biggest piece of advice I can give is: blog for you, never anyone else your readers are what makes your blog but sometimes you need to step away just for a while to take a breather.
 Get out there and make stories and photos that you can post about! Do that and you will come back 10 times more refreshed.
 There is nothing worse than stressing out and trying to work to a schedule to get anything out there just for the sake of it because something I have learnt is you can really tell when someone has put their heart and soul into a post. Personally I would just throw schedules out the window that is unless you hope to peruse your blog into a more full time professional sense in which case it may help.

Embrace your individuality because that's what makes you, you

Think how many times tutors, interviewers and readers see the same things over and over. This comes back to what I have mentioned before don't do things to please others, unfortunately sometimes you have to that's one thing I have learnt from University but a lot of the time do the work for yourself, find what it is that makes you tick. 
More often we want to see new things it's the way we've been designed. We want something that stops us in our tracks and makes us say 'I've never seen that before' 
Especially in the blogging world with it being so populated we want new things to read and see and as much as we all like reviews sometimes the same ones on the same products can get a little boring after a while. 
I love coming across blogs with something new more often than not it makes me want to return to see what else they've got. I like honest and heartfelt posts and a lot more I've seen people write about sex and that is refreshing to see because after all it is the 21st century and I think people are becoming more open. That might not be to your taste so find something that interests you! 

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Try not to take things too seriously 

This is a tip I have learnt from my friend. I know there are some people that do because they feel that works better for their work ethic but honestly I know this is something that is said a lot but life is too short to take things too seriously and a lot of the time its much more fun when you don't! 
Any creative industry that you are in is all about being creative, free and open minded so don't stress out so much!
And another thing to bare in mind is you are in charge of what you do, your own work your own blog within reason you can do what you want and take it in any direction you want; don't get too stuck in your ways. 
Another thing to mention is and I want to say this in terms of the fashion industry, people can be mean and they will be. Either to get where they want to be or to get you to where they want you to be. You have to learn to take criticism in life and god that coming from me is a hard statement to make! I'm talking anyone tells me a hair is out of place it sends me into defence mode its important not to get too wrapped in yourself and take most things on the chin. Even in your work if someone doesn't like it they don't like it, that's their opinion and there are plenty more where that came from.

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And when things do get too much

Never give up.
 Remind yourself what you want out of life and how your going to get it sometimes you feel like your at the bottom of the ladder, know that there is a way to get up there. And if you feel like anyone is stopping you from achieving what it is you want simply move away from those people, there's nothing worse than having negative people in your life that have a negative effect on you.

Written by me: Paige! 



  1. this is single handily my favourite post you have ever written Paige.
    It's good sometimes to open the can of worms and talk honestly about how you feel and you've done it :) I'm so lucky I know you, you share the same wave length!

    Emma-Hope |

  2. Paige this post is so absolutely awesome! I loved reading it and everything you've said is so true, love your tips they are very helpful! :)

    Heather xx

  3. Great post. I love your writing style.

  4. I love this!
    The fashion industry can be a lovely but very competitive place and it's so refreshing to see that view from a blogger. Some of us can think having the most stylish and popular blog is the be-all and end-all of everything, and I think the advice you've given on not taking things too seriously is perfect. Really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing x

  5. I really loved this post and you have no idea how much helpful it is. SO true.
    Eliza |


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