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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Your sweet like tenasse, Honey.

So I feel a bit like this post has gone a bit old school today. Last week the weather was really nice, but my photographer, ahem- my boyfriend. Wasn't around to take photos so I decided to make use of our new garden and do some there. 
Feels like the old blogging days, but anyway.
I couldn't wait to show this tee from Romwe, I love yellow. Most of you probably aren't aware because I barely ever wear it. I used to A LOT and I mean literally head to toe. But we won't go there.. 
So as it's yellow AND got a cactus on this is one of my faves. 

This skirt is also really versatile in terms of I can wear it with so many different things and it just goes with most. I think denim skirts are sort a staple within wardrobes, well within mine anyway. I could keep buying them. 

 Oh I forgot to mention, my mum took these for me so thank you mum! 
My boyfriend won't be pleased to know she isn't replacing him as the photographer though.. 
Anyway finally a little update, I've started doing monthly vlogs over on youtube, and currently my video is uploading for a haul! So lots of exciting things happening over there. I've also started a youtube for my uni projects so once that's up and running I'll let you all know! 
Keep an eye on this space 

Until next time!

Top: Romwe, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Select



  1. You look gorgeous! Love this look xx

  2. Beautiful outfit! Your hair is gorgeous! x

  3. Your hair looks so cute!

  4. I love this outfit! I actually own the same exact shirt but without the cactus print which I wish I had now. Oh and your space buns are so cute x

  5. I absolutely love the tshirt with the cactus! So cute! Loved this post :) x

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  6. Paige I LOVE this outfit, and your hair looks gorg too :-) (you wouldn't have known you was in your garden one bit looks cute, love the blue shed ;))
    And I'm gonna go have a little stalk of your YouTube now too.. I've literally just started my YouTube channel it's so weird talking to a camera ha! Lots of love, // Imogen xox


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