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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Blogmas | Independant Gift Guide

This post really should have gone up sooner if I'm honest, but late is better than never right?! AND there is still time to pick up a little something for someone for Christmas. 
I really wanted to put together this Independent guide because these are shops I truly love and have either followed for a while or came to love. So even if you've finished your Christmas shopping (your one of the lucky ones) this guide is for little independent shops that deserve love and attention, their products are pretty bloody fab too! 

Perfect for: the classy one

I've loved and followed Rianna Phillips shop for a while, I love that all the pieces are so easy to style with everything. The monochrome pieces are SO up my street, I'm massively lusting over the star prints obvs. 
Her pieces are little bags are really perfect for storing makeup or just taking out with you, portfolio bags are a real fave of mine. She also has a real gorgeous selection of Cushions that if you ask me are just perfect for Instagram, and making your home look all sassy.
Not only that but she also does phone cases too. What I really admire about Rianna's work is that I love where all her inspiration comes from, if you follow her on Instagram or Pinterest I love to see that journey from Inspiration to the actual piece really worth looking at!
Star Print Cushion Cover: £22.00                                                    Upper East Eyelash: £24.00                                                          Regina Portfolio Clutch Bag: £38.00 

Perfect for: Biscuit lovers

This place I have loved for a long while, I mean come on what isn't to love about Nikki Mcwilliams first off if you love biscuits and lets face it who doesn't?! If you don't I'm not sure we can be friends.. but no really even so her whole website is a feast for the eyes full of sweet pastel goodness. 
Her shop ranges from Cushions through till necklaces, broaches and the little pin enamels and embroidery patches are well worth a look at and SO very on trend, I massively have my eyes on the Biscuit babe one!
They are probably better to buy than buying eating actual biscuits too.. well I say that but it'll probably make you fancy one.. so you may as well have both.
Classic Custard Cream Printed Cushion: From £32.00                      Biscuit babe Embroidered Patch: £6.00                                          Digestive Charm Necklace: £12.50 

Perfect for: the sassy one 

I think these earrings are a perfect touch to any outfit, I'm massively in love with dangly earrings at the moment most days I find myself looking to see whats missing before popping some in my ears. And I think things like this are perfect little stocking fillers, not only that but they are SO cute! 
Definitely worth checking out! And more colours are on their way! 

                        Gold Flamingo Pink Tassel Earrings: £4.00                              Gold Powder Blue Tassel Earrings: £4.00                             Gold Rainbow Tassel Earrings: £4.50

Perfect for: the pinterester 

I found Copper & Solder at a little Etsy market in Birmingham, their stuff is what I like to call perfect   for Instagram/Pinterest. Its got that real clean look about it, but the pieces are so original. I pretty much fall for everything with copper in the name and this was no exception. I love that everything is so unique and the way they are made are completely different to one another so you truly feel like your getting a one of piece. Its just so original too, which I think is what really drew me to them! 
Its everything you didn't think you needed, from a Tablet stand made from copper pipes, Candle holders to cute ring and jewellery holders! 
Concrete Ring Holder: £8.00                                                      Ipad/ Tablet Stand : £30.00                                                       'White Edition' Concrete + Copper Candle Holder: £9.00

Perfect for: The animal lover 

This brand is SO cute! I fell totally in love with the dinosaurs instantly, each of the pieces are so cute and totally understated! They are the type of pieces that are so easy to style and add on to your outfit! 
The shop also has other little animals and creatures that are oh so perfect for those who love animals, or just those who really love jewellery! 
Each piece is finished off so beautiful too with a hammered or polished effect. The little rings on the shop too are also worth a look at too! 
              Party Tyrannosaurus T Rex £20.00                                                                Geometric Bar Necklace: £12.00                                   Plesiosaurus Gold Dinosaur Necklace: £22.00

Perfect for: the organised one

I adore places like this because I honestly think they are every bloggers dream, the pieces are so clean and just completely add to any room or for flatlays. I have my eyes on getting a new planner for the New Year and the ones here look so good, this place is especially good for those who love a good notebook or are just really organised.. my boyfriend did point out whilst writing this that this place is probably a great place to buy from for people who aren't so organised too which is actually a very good point; pretty stationary is key to organisation right?! I really love the whole illustrated feel to everything! 
                        The Ultimate Blog Planner: £12.50                                                                         Crazy Cat Lady: £5.50                                                       Focus Notebook: £8.00

Perfect for: the creative 

Hannah's work I love and have loved for a very long time, I came across her drawings and totally fell in love with the way she illustrates. It has this whole romanticised quite Gothic feel to it. Infant quite a lot of her pieces of famous people have this real twist to how they may have probably never been drawn before. She also does, which a spotted custom drawings, one of which of pets which I just think is adorable and perfect for those who love their dogs/cats and I'm sure there is a lot of people you can think of for that! Her prints are a perfect addition to any wall, so so pretty! 

        David Bowie Print A4 Illustration £10.00                           Custom Pet Portrait (Made to Order) £100.00                                   Gwen Stefani No doubt to Nowadays A5 Print £5.50

Really hope you enjoyed that post! Apologises for not getting it up earlier! But please do check out those places, if not for other people then for yourself! I know I have! 
Until next time, take care! 



  1. Thank you so much for the feature Paige! It means so much and I'm so glad you like my work <3

    Hannah xx

  2. Thanks so much for including us!

    Best, Katie [copper and solder]


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